Only a leading organization like Graypicar Stone, with the ability to mobilize large resources, can carry out large architectural projects.
Graypicar offers comprehensive advice with the purpose of facilitating the client’s execution of the project and the work from start to finish; from the study of architectural possibilities, the choice of materials, the exploded view proposal, to advice on installation and maintenance.


To speak of Crema Marfil is to speak of design, architecture and interior design. Without a doubt, nature has been able to carve for thousands of years an exclusive and unrepeatable material of great beauty. Therefore, aware of this, at Graypicar we wanted to keep the essence of Crema Marfil intact, pampering this material in all processes with a clear objective: to create unique spaces.


Savannah Onyx is considered a semi-precious stone, a unique and exclusive material in the world due to its curious shades and characteristics, especially its translucency. The aesthetic beauty of Savannah Onyx is unique in every way, which is why it is usually used to cover surfaces that require great aesthetic care, such as meeting areas, hotel surfaces, boutiques or exclusive restaurants.


The Emperor Brown combines its predominant dark tone with streaks of a lighter tone, it is one of the most demanded materials on the market. The beauty of this marble is used both in sculptures, bathroom and kitchen countertops as well as on floors and walls, alone or in combination with other marbles or noble materials. On floors in large rooms, the result is unbeatable.


Elegant, this is Negro Marquina, a marble capable of dressing any environment. The course of its white veins stand out against the black background, differentiating it from other marbles of the same tone. Nature randomly endows the thickness and number of its veins, not finding two identical pieces. Architects often use the combination of black and white to create environments with a minimalist and modern air.


The secret of the splendor of Cream Travertine lies in its beige cream color and its irregular appearance, only blurred by the small indentations of the stone itself. The qualities of this material make it an unbeatable alternative for covering all types of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The interior walls, the facades and even the countertops and sanitary ware for the bathroom are also enhanced thanks to their resounding and indisputable splendor.


It is a marble with an intense red color, combined with lighter shades and veins of white. In sophisticated environments, the intensity and character of Rojo Alicante enhances the beauty of spaces. It is essentially composed of carbonate minerals, such as calcite and dolomite. Its determined and tremendously versatile character make Rojo Alicante fit perfectly in all environments.


Its name comes from the Greek alabastros, which means a vessel without handles. In ancient times also called Egyptian Alabaster or Marble Onyx. Its most frequent uses are in wall coverings, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, artistic elements, sculptures. Of overwhelming beauty.

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